Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Today was a good day for my family.  Started with the traditional Easter breakfast consisting of pancakes, bacon, strawberries, orange juice for the adults and special juice drinks for the grandkids.  There were special baskets for the granddaughters, Dani got a new Easter dress (which she looks gorgeous in) and I got some important time with my family.  Couldn't ask for better times.  Then my daughter Brenna and her husband Jason went home for the Easter Bunny to hide the eggs, went there for the hunt.  Fun times.  Then Dani and I went out to dinner, we both didn't feel up to cooking and my husband is in California for a delivery.  Then we laid back all day.  Good complaints!  Hope everyone's day was good too~

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GB's Mom said...

I like the new picture- You and Dani look good together. Happy to hear your Easter was good.