Saturday, April 17, 2010

What Are Our Children Learning???

Today was an interesting day when it comes to conversations.  My husband and I belong to a family that are strong supporters of "The Constitution", "The Bill of Rights", etc.  We read, or I should say I read, my husband listens while he drives books about our founding Fathers.  We love our country and what it stands for.  Dani got involved in this conversation and she had real no idea who our first presidents were.  What she knew was from what she learned from the movie "National Treasure".  Come to find out, and in looking at her school history book, the kids are not being taught American history.  So with that said, we spent a wonderful afternoon reading "The Constitution" and talking about it.  Now...the test will be if she remembers what we talked about.  But then again, it wasn't about the learning, it was all about spending the time together in discussion instead of arguing or having one of those FASD meltdowns.  Or dad and Dani butting heads, to see who gets the last word, etc.  Usually when we have these kinds of discussions, Dani gets mad and frustrated because she always feels she is right and mom and dad don't have a clue!  But today, it was wonderful!

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