Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Couple of My Favorite Pictures!

Mom, Daniellie and Dad after the dress rehearsal of "Arise and Shine Forth".  Dani was excited and extremly tired.
Danielle after discovering her natural beauty along with our dog Grizzly!

"Are We There Yet?"

I can not believe it is almost the end of July already.  This summer has found me and my family extremly busy.  Not only working full time but with our church activities, getting ready for school, actually getting ready for that big transition into "High School"!  Since my last blog entry, Dani has been actively involved in one of our church functions.  For the past two years a program called "Arise and Shine Forth...a Youth Spectacular" has been in the planning stages.  And within the last six months, practices, learning the dance routines along with song and dance has been in earnest.  And just two weekends ago, the big performance took place here at our Weber State University Stadium.  This event had 3400 youth involved, 500 adult volunteers, hours of practice, volunteers sewing costumes, etc.  And with the weather here this year being extremely hot, the performance was wonderful.  I will include a couple of pictures to give you an idea of what was going on.  But in the long run, it was a fabulous experience for Dani.  She learned the dance in record time, all the songs, went diligently to all the practices and walked away with a best friend, her dance partner in fact.  She has grown not only in her abilities to handle situations but also her testimony in Christ.  For those who read my blog, in case you didn't know, I am "mormon" and if that turns you off from my blog, so goes it, but that is what I love about America, freedom to worship my Heavenly Father in whatever fashion I choose.

Since this performance, it has been imperative that Dani start really learning her life skills because a lot of time I wasn't able to be home to get her to places.  I worked with her case worker and she was able to get Dani a bus pass so she can get around, which does make me nervous because some of her judgement impairments and this next week will be a big test. She and her good friend are taking the city bus down to one of our water parks.  Mom here has to start letting go somehow and sometime and since we start high school next month I had better prepare myself along with her.  We haven't argued like we use too, we still have issues with chores before pleasure which will be an ongoing struggle I believe for a very long time.  She has become more responsible when it comes to preparing meals and taking care of herself.  She has made the break-away (Thank God) from her so called "girlfriends" who were influencing her on how she dressed and how much make-up she wears.  It was during the time of the performances that she called me into the bathroom and said "Mom, I am pretty without that make-up.  I just need a little lip gloss".  And she has stayed true to that discovery!  So here are some of my favorite pictures.  I will also in another blog put my little video of her dancing with her partner.

This is just the beginning of the program and just a small part of how many youth participated in this program.  The age range was 14-19 years of age.

The picture above is just one of the many practices.  Dani is just on the left side of the 50 yard line post in the white Tee-Shirt.
And this is Danielle's dance group, they did the "Hoe-Down" dance. Dani is in there somewhere!  From what I believe, this is once in a life-time for these kids and it is an experience they soon will not forget!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

For the past three weekends we have been camping and ATVing and I think I have had my fill of camping this summer.  Just takes the stuffing out of you.  Not so much as the camping but the riding.  My favorite part is sitting in my little recliner chair, under our camper awning with a good book on my lap and a soda by my side...also with the knowledge that Dani is having a good time playing with her cousins and riding.  But each trip doesn't go without an incident.  An incident which proves that these kids live constantly with the wicked FASD!

As one of Dani's rules, she would ride our ATV down the path, just a little ways, to the out-house.  Last weekend, as she was coming back, some jerk, and I say that lightly because I am trying to be polite, came up behind her, reving his atv motor, scaring her half to death to where she rode our atv off a little ledge into the creek.  No major damage to the vehicle but she cut her knees up pretty good.  I as so mad I got on my sister in law's atv and went looking for the idiot but luckily my husband stopped me.  I was so MAD!  It was a pretty good ledge too, but it shows that these kids have no reaction time when startled.  They can't think and react as fast as they need to.  That is one of the reasons why Dani's doctor told her and us that she should not drive.  Scared me and her.  My sweet husband handled it perfectly.  Dani was so scared that dad was mad at her, but he wasn't.  We were sitting in camping when we heard someone screaming "HELP".  The men got up and ran and sure enough, they found Dani.  Mike made sure she was okay and nothing was broken and my niece brought her back to camp, that is when I went hunting for the creep.  Just glad that weekend is over.

So now, it's back to sheer bordom for Dani.  I am back to work, my sweet husband is back on the rode and we keep looking forward to the next time we can get out of town.  It does our family good to get away for at least a couple of days.

The two pictures is of Dani with her Uncle Don and the other one with her cousing Shawn.