Thursday, April 15, 2010

Disgusted and Angry! Disclaimer...This is just my opinion!

I have to vent here just a little bit.  The more I hear about this so called mother, who adopted this boy from Russia, the more upset I get.  What kind of a society do we live in?  We have become so disposable, not just our food, garbage, marriages, well you get the picture...but all of a sudden our society is beginning to dispose of children!  Oh my goodness...little Johnny is having some behavioral problems, I think I'll just blame it on the country, even his birth parents, oh no better yet the people who let me adopt him.  I think all us parents who have adopted probably feel the same revulsion.  Adoption to me is no different than giving birth.  Even in adoption there are labor pains (to me it's the whole legal process) and then once the judge signs the paper...tah-dah...a child is born and a family is created! :)

When I took Danielle out of her birth mother's arms and announced that this child was mine now...I had no idea what was in store with this child, had no idea what was in her DNA grab-bag.  But it didn't matter I chose to be her mother.  Let me say that again, it's so profound..."I CHOSE TO BE HER MOM"! Whew that felt enough of my ranting.  Hats off to all us adoptive parents who have stuck through the behavior problems, the mental illness, the disabilities, all the sleepless nights, the phone calls to the counselors, the doctor appointments, the constant worry about that child's future, etc...all because we believe we can make a difference in one or more child's life and shame on those people who think children with problems are disposable.

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Rose Adoption Journey said...

I agree. There have been many a time that I thought I might "give up" but then I remembered, HEY, Im the mom, I cant!! I CAN get help. I CAN surround myself with support, I CAN take one day at a time. But you can NEVER give up. We may have to put our son in a RTC soon. Is that giving up? HELL NO!(excuse the explicative!!) I am getting my son treatment that he needs. But I would NEVER NEVER NEVER give up on him. He is too precious and God created him.

This is why post adoption support services ARE SO IMPORTANT!!! Peole give up, I think, mostly because they dont know what to do. They take the road that seems to relieve the most pain the quickest.

I have a feeling though..that this woman is feeling a lot of pain now and this will be a harder road than she thinks!

Im going to pray for her and other parents who are struggling today. As we all know, it is NOT an easy road to take to adopt.....but I know that God has ordained this relationship and I must be obedient to Him in being the parent he called me to be.