Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Better World Today...

Today is a much better day.  I also figured out that Dani hasn't been getting the sleep she so desperately needs.  When she first arrived in our family, she didn't sleep.  Oh she would sleep for a couple of hours here and there but otherwise she would be wide awake, angry at the world.  Little did we know that she was suffering from withdrawls.  It all makes sense now. husband and I have to make sure she gets to bed on time so she can sleep at least 12hrs a night.  If it's less than 8...then we are in trouble.  So the past couple of nights I have made sure she has gotten to bed by 8pm, no later and surprisingly she is doing so much better.  There something to be said about sleep.  Now...if only I could get some restful sleep, then this would be such a happy household!  :)

Which brings me to another subject...summer!  The mere mention of the word brings terror in the hearts and souls of parents...especially in mine.  Since Dani is 15 there are no daycares that would accomodate her and her older sister just had her third daughter so I am not about to barge into her life with babysitting issues.  Yes, Dani can help with the kids but after while things can get stressful because Dani can be as loud and playful as a regular 6 year old. is my problem...I work full time (have to)...does anyone have any ideas on what to do with my teen during the summer months?  I am all ears!


GB's Mom said...

There is a sleep away special needs camp that has campers 6- 18 about 45 minutes from me. Perhaps there is one reasonably close to you. One summer, when my son was 14, we paid a 17 year old high school boy to pal around with him 20 hours a week. Maybe something like that could help you. Any colleges with special ed teacher programs close by?

Glad she is doing better!

Rose Adoption Journey said...

Check your state Disabilites website and google "special needs camps" in your state.