Friday, April 16, 2010

Down Memory Lane...

After my last post I decided to look at some old photos stored on my hard-drive and found just a few of my favorites.

This photos i when her dad and I bought this little four-wheeler for her to help boost her confidence in something.  Her driving our big Polaris was fun and all but not very safe for her because of her lack of strength in her hands.  We nicked-named this little machine "shortie".  And shortly after that, Dani received the honorary name of "Crash".  I think the name says it all!

The picture was taken on top of Ben Lomand Mountain up from Willard Bay, Utah.  This was one of Dani's weekend's home from the hospital. Went ATVing with my brother in law and his wife.  It was cold, rainy and windy and we took part in a rescue that didn't end good.  But Dani was a trooper through it all.

I especially love the last picture.  Dani has a love for horses.  She so wanted to learn to ride so her dad and I signed her up for lessons.  The look of joy on her face is something I haven't seen in a long time.  But alas...the next time she went riding, her horse, named "Red" stepped on her foot, scaring her from riding again.  But she still loves horses.  She has a great collection.

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