Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Words of Comfort and Joy!

I finally figured out today why I blog.  At first I thought it was to help educate others who are going through what I am going reach out there, but there is another reason!  It's so that my blogger friends can reach out to me.  You all are teaching me, inspiring me, and encourging me and I do so appreciate it.  One true blogger friend emailed me back this morning giving me some loving advice which I am taking.  I have made up a binder for my husband to take on the road with him.  It is full, and I mean full, of articles of every aspect of the FASD world.  I just hope he will take it with him on the road and that he will at least open it up.  I thought about even going through the articles and highlightening the important parts, since he doesn't like to read to begin with.  But if I simplify it hopefully he will take an interest in it.  So thank you my dear friend for your advice.  And by the way...I have said many times "Hey...who is the adult and who is the child...I feel like I am babysitting here because both of you are acting like children"!  That didn't get me very far, just a very upset husband.  Oh well, I will forge on. 

I want to say something husband is not an animal nor is he a bad guy.  In reality, he is really a fantastic, loving man with a HUGE heart.  He married me with four daughters when he raised boys, not girls so this is a different world to him.  And then he marries a woman (me) who has a daughter with special needs.  That's got to be hard.  And please...I am not making excuses for his behavior either, theres just another side of him.  But I think as parents and marriage partners or any kind of partners, we are all striving for happiness, no matter what kind of family we have, no matter what color we all are or the ages, we all crave two basic needs...LOVE and HAPPINESS!

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GB's Mom said...

We all want happiness and love. It is coming. It took time, but it did get better. He is usually great with the youngest. Friends are good!