Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Emotional Cleanup!

I don't know what is worse, the actual fighting in a family or the aftermath where we are all licking our wounds from the harsh and mean words that have been said.  In my family you could swear your are watching a tennis match, back and forth...back and forth!  But the unfortunate thing...no one wins.  For me I can pretty well numb myself up from the angry words but for my Dani...not so easy.  She gets more clingy, very emotional, needing those little checks from mom that let's her know that she is okay.  So I called mental health today to get her back into counseling and her counselor is out for a while, had heart surgery (God bless her) so we get a new counselor...a guy!  Dani has for along time trust issues with...guys.  Been hurt and let down so many times in the past, was even hard for her to open up to her male counselor when she was at the state hospital.  But she surprised me by saying "that's okay mom, I can handle it".

So next week starts a new challenge to start getting her back on the right path again.  I just wish I could stop and take a breather and get my sanity together...someday!

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GB's Mom said...

A reminder to your spouse that he is the adult could also be something you work into your repertoire.