Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Technology Rides Off Into the Sunset...

My blogging is going to be spare for about a week since I do not have internet at home.  I am in a war zone with Comcast right now and I am looking for a better internet company to go with that will service the customer, not service themselfs.  So, I apologize to all you blog readers out there if I don't put something down each day, but I will try each morning to send a little glip of something before I start work.

The good news?  Everything so far this week has been peaceful, but that is how our house operates, its a vicious circle.  Around and round and round we go, were we will stop, no body knows...isn't that the saying.  So I am enjoying the peace while it lasts.  But do I have to say my husband is trying really hard.  We met together with Dani's counselor last Friday afternoon and really received some inlightenment (at least Mike did) about these kids with brain damage.  I think he understands a little more.  I have figured that I guess it takes someone else, maybe another man, to turn that light bulb on instead of hearing the bitching and complaining from your wife.  But who cares as long as he gets it.

Now the shocker of the week.  When we brought Dani home we brought her big brother with her.  We adopted both kids, Aaron had some major problems along with showing inappropriate behavior towards his little sister.  We took him back down to Texas, back to Great Grandma's and from there he went back into state custody.  Haven't seen or heard about him in 12 years.  Now over the weekend I received a wonderful facebook message from one of my nieces with the picture of Aaron, all grown up.  My heart swelled with love for this sweet little son of mine (I still consider him my son, that's probably wrong but I can't help my heart) but sickened to know that he didn't have a very good childhood.  It seems he is up for adoption again so does that mean he has been in and out of foster care all those years?  Here is my problem...do I try to contact him?  Do I try to contact the State of Texas or do I just let things go?


ComcastCares1 said...

Bless you for your good deeds! It's always good to know that someone like you cares about our precious ones. May there be more people like you! :)

I wanted to let you know, I work for Comcast and I will be happy to help with the internet issue. Just drop me an email with your information at the email below.

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

GB's Mom said...

He is already a child of your heart-I say contact him!