Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Search Is On!

Here is an update about the State of Texas.  I have contacted every phone number on their website, emailed every email address with a wonderful letter of introduction, along with pictures and those emails come back undeliverable.  The phone calls get lost in the system and no one picks up.  Is that a sign that I am not suppose to search for Aaron?  But being the red-head that I am, I will push on.  The picture was taken a year ago so things may have changed in that time, but I just need him to know that we are still here.  And to offer any assistence I can with family history, etc.  I have one daughter that thinks I should leave it alone, but two other daughters who think I should push as far as I can.  And his sister who wants to meet him.  But here are the pictures of brother and sister.

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Rose Adoption Journey said...

Did you try facebook? Everyone is on there.