Thursday, May 20, 2010

Excuse me...You said What?

Last night was Danielle's spring choir concert, and for Dani it's a big thing because she worked real hard on it for the past 4-5 months.  Memorizing the songs, practicing the dance steps, etc.  Now I will be the first to admit that she really can't sing and she is a little delayed in her dancing but boy she puts all her heart and soul into it.  So here we were sitting about the 7th row back from the stage and the kids were performing, just doing a great job and the lady behind me (I over heard her) was talking to her daughter (not really sure who she was, just another female) and she was saying "look at that girl in the green t-shirt, what business does she have being up there. She can't keep up with the steps and she just looks goofy".  I could not believe my ears and I knew she was talking about my daughter because Dani was the only one wearing a green shirt.  I very slowly turned around, looked her straight in the eyes and said "That goofy girl is my daughter and she has some extreme special disabilities and I know that she has practiced her little heart out for tonight.  Besides, she doesn't really care if you like it or not or if you are enjoying her performance.  I am proud of her and I am proud of her not giving up.  Can you say that about your child?"  I was floored that someone would have the "balls" to say something like that not realizing that a parent could be sitting right in ear shot.  Just shows up ignorant people really are.  After my defending my daughter's honor I enjoyed the rest of her performance and I have never been more proud of her.  My sweet husband was able to be there.  He drove straight from Greeley Colorado to Ogden Utah in 8 hours flat to be at her concert.  And of course we took our landlord who we call "Grandpa".  It was a wonderful evening, and after Dani had earned a huge scoop of ice cream and some special time with mom and dad.  Regardless of how hard life is with these FASD kids, we need to celebrate in their little triumphs and just sit in awe at their accomplishments.  I think as a parent to an FASD kid, I get more bogged down by the stresses and negative things that are going on than to stop and look at her face and see her smile.  This picture is old...but the smile says it all!

God Bless You All!


Anonymous said...

You told her, didn't you?
Les balles, oui!

Rose Adoption Journey said...

You Go Girl!