Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer...The Word that Strikes Fear In The Hearts of All Mothers!

Well, as of this afternoon, my daughter will officially be in high school.  I consider this a big triumph, I didn't think we would make it through junior high, let alone thinking about high school.  But with thanks to all her school counselors, doctors, professionals, family and friends, we are there.  And she is feeling pretty good about things right now.  Probably because the stress is off for a little bit.  It is so extremly stressful being a teenager these days.  Nothing like when I was one or when my older daughters were in high school.  The kids are meaner, peer pressure is worse, you all get the picture.  Last night was the 9th grade banquet, no parents invited, the teachers put this on for the graduating students.  They brought in Olive Garden for dinner and the 9th graders got their yearbooks a day early.  It was one of those occassions that I had to let go and trust she would make the correct decisions.  And low and behold...she did great!  She was so excited about her yearbook, disappointed that her school picture wasn't in there (she was at a transitional school when the pictures were taken) but excited to see her picture with the school choir.

Now...what to do for the summer.  There are virtually no programs out there that would take in a 15 year old.  And I definately can't afford sending her to a summer camp, so my oldest daughter Brenna and I came up with this idea.  Twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, Dani has a job to do.  She is to go to Brenna's and take the kids up to the school playground for an hour.  But the important lesson here is that she has to get up, shower, get dress (I will provide a special little uniform or special shirt for her job), she has to be there on time, clock in and out.  She will get paid for this. What I am trying to instill in her is responsibility.  She wants to get a part time job when she turns 16 in December and it's time to get her prepared.  Then I am going to see about her volunteering some hours are our nature center.  She loves animals of all kinds.  Again..instilling responsibility.  Does anyone else have any ideas the would like to share?  I work full time so I need to keep her semi busy.

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GB's Mom said...

Some of the "special needs" camps provide a certain number of scholarships. Some places have work internships for any child with an IEP. The summer J was 15, he worked as a janitor at the elementary school he had attended- It worked out well. You could hire a college kid to tutor her a couple of times a week in her weakest subject. {{{Hugs}}}