Friday, May 14, 2010

IEP's...They Work!

Yesterday morning was our awaited IEP meeting and my wonderful husband and I went together.  I told Mike I needed my parenting partner and the teachers needed to hear how he felt about the whole school thing.  We both agreed that Dani should not have been mainstreamed so fast from the transitional school (after she came out of the state hospital) back into the wild and crazy junior high.  We think that has accelerated her mood swings and other things she is going through right now.  So in talking with the team players, we found out that at Bonneville High they have their own self-contained unit to where all the classes are taught in their unit except maybe an elective like art or music.  I guess they have a lot of handicapped kids, physically and mentally at that school, which is a bonus for us, because now Dani doesn't have to be mixed in with the "Big Dogs".  It was also decided that Dani will be put in a leadership role, in other words helping those kids with Down Syndrome.  Maybe walking them around the school, pick up trash, etc.  This will help to build her self confidence.  She does get pretty bored at school and when she is...then the trouble begins.  We are arranging a day to go visit her new counselor (give her the scoop) and let her tour the school so we don't have any melt downs during the summer.  Anxiety runs high with her if she can't visualize what she is going to do.  That is a plus, basically we have the support of the whole Bonneville high staff.  I guess my reputation proceeds me because the head of the unit once was one of Danielle's teachers and he knows her history...and mine. Both my husband and I felt pretty good after our meeting...time will tell!

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GB's Mom said...

You rock! Happy to hear you have a wonderful husband :)