Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh Mom! It's too Early!

This morning was the first Sunday of the year that our church times switched to 9am.  Which means we have to get up between 6-7am.  Normally the rule is if we have to get up early we got to bed earlier the night before, Dani needs about 12 hours, literally!  Well, we decided to go see "Avatar" (for the second time) with our next door neighbors last night, got home about 10pm, got to bed.  When the alarm went off, I was up but Dani...Oh No!  She wouldn't budge, wouldn't even flinch when I tore off her blankets, pulled on her pants, etc.  I had to threaten to take away her radio, tv and MP3 player...for two months, to get her out of bed.  But she did, she was a little slow but success, she got up and we made it to church on time!

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