Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Hard Days Sometimes Out Weighs the Good Days!

I have to be realistic here...even though my last few entries have been nothing but praise for the progress my daughter has made, for all the alcolades I can lavish on her...there are going to be those days where she is totally off her rocker...unreasonable...has a hard time focusing on reality...that was today. It started out good, even in the evening. I had come home from visiting some friends and discovered her chores were not complete when she had told me they were. Mainly the trash in the bathroom. She argued that it was emptied yesterday and someone used a lot of toilet paper today (when there is no one home during the day but our dog)but her voice started to rise, she started to get sarcastic and I am trying to keep my cool. Boy...thats hard to do. Danielle has a tendency to worry about what is going to happen in the future and worry about the past but not focusing on the present. When she gets stuck in this area it is hard for her to come out. Then it turns into a pity party and how I don't hear or listen to her and what kind of family we should, and tears, did I mention there were tears? Lots of them...very emotional. I just have to sit here and listen to her, that's it, just listen, even though she may repeat herself over and over, she has to get it out so she can go on. Right now, she is in the kitchen making us something to eat and things will be okay. It's extremely emotionally draining, things will be fine until the next melt down. The most important thing I have found to try and relate to her and teach her is "You made a mistake, learn from it, pay the consequence and go on. Tomorrow is a brand new day, a clean slate, nothing is written on it so make it the best you can. Yes you will slip and fall but pick yourself up and go!"

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