Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Book...

I learned along time ago that there are a lot of papers, documents, test results, IEP records, etc when there is a child with disabilities in the household. So...I have a huge three-ring binder with certain sections divided off. But it is so important that in front of all the records you start off with positive things about your child. After all, like me,
I take this binder with me to all my meetings and I want whoever I am meeting with to know the good things about Danielle before we get into some possible negative areas.  In mine the front page is a picture of Danielle with one of her favorite scriptures.  Then maybe some artwork, or pictures, or in my case, as one of Dani's class projects a couple of years ago, each student was to write something positive about each child in that class.  I have Dani's in her notebook.  I have just a couple of pictures that I will include right now because my camera tacky is that...but more of about my binder to come.  And in more detail.

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thriftymomma said...

What a great idea. I may use this too. I have a massive amount of info on my DD 5 and she's only 5. It is a disaster when I need to locate it. Thanks for the idea.