Friday, September 25, 2009

Vacation...I need a vacation!

Dani has made it through the first illness of the year.  By last Thursday she was so sick I took her back to the doctors and sure enough...she had the triple wammy.  Flu, Strep and Pnemonia.  But once she got on that Z-Pack she started bouncing right back.  She went back to school this past Monday and she is doing good.  But mom isn't.  I am so tired, cranky, irritable and yes, I got a cold while Dani was sick.  As mothers to these special kids, we are the last ones to take care of ourselfs, we are the caregivers to others but oh no, not us moms.  So...I haven't done this is years and I literally mean years, I am going away for four days...all by myself.  My sweet daughter in California has bought me a plane ticket out to visit her and sit on the beach, read, soak up the sun and do whatever I want to do or not.  I leave in just a few hours.  In fact I have my alarm set for 3am MST to get in the shower and head out.  I have been packed for two days, counting down the hours.  So Dani will be taken care of by her big sister and her family, which is good, she can help out with the kids since my daughter is pregnant with her third child.  While her husband is at work, Dani can at least play with the girls.

So if I have a message for you moms?...PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELFS!  By the way, this is me and my granddaughter KD at her first soccer game. 

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