Sunday, September 6, 2009

Talents...We All Have Them!

I do have to do some bragging on Danielle's behalf...she has an incredible talent for art.  It's funny...when I first married Mike (her dad) we use to travel the United States because Mike and I owned our own trucking company and we home-schooled Danielle in the back of our big-rig.  Well, one day she got frustrated because she could draw a simple flower.  Mike had me get behind the wheel and drive for a little bit while he sat with her.  He simple told her to "close your eyes and invision that flower.  Think about it for a few minutes and then when you open your eyes, draw what you saw".  Well, she did, she opened her eyes and drew a beautiful flower.  Since then she has a passion for drawing, coloring and yes...oil painting.  This has been one of her coping skills that she has been able to tap into when she feels like she is loosing her reality.  Another talent this young lady has is her poems.  She writes such poems that are so insiteful to her world and she has even put a few to music.  I believe with all of my heart that children and adults who have disabilities have amazing talents, whether it's in music, art, sports, whatever.  I have included a few of her artwork.  The oil painting of the Sunflower is my favorite.  She did this for me out of the blue after my accident, she said she wanted bring me some sunshine, especially since she knew that sunflowers are my favorite.

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