Saturday, August 29, 2009

It Was Hair Day!

Today I took Danielle down to an ethnic salon in Salt Lake called "Ebony and Ivory". I thought it was time to learn for myself and have her learn how to take care of her hair. Being a white woman I had no idea what I was doing and I sure learned a lot. The process was interesting and I discovered I was doing a lot of things wrong. But Norma took us step by step on what to do. In a couple of weeks we are going back to have it relaxed. But I think she looks beautiful. Her smile says it all about how she feels about herself. With kids like her, well with any child, self esteem is so important. With kids that have disabilities, their self esteem is affected so much more because they already have bad feelings about themselfs. Feelings of inadequacy, they look differet, etc. But in looking at Danielle, she looks like that is all washed away. Money well spent.

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