Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School!

Well we did it...we got past the first day of school...and success!!! I think I was more of a nervous wreck than she was. I had to leave for work before she was even ready so of course I worried if she was timing things right with her shower, getting dressed, eating breakfast. But smart mom here (being sarcastic) forgot to turn her cell phone on so I couldn't get a hold of her which made me worry more on my way to work. But as soon as I got to my desk, Danielle called and said everything was fine and she was ready. And the amazing thing is, she was. She did it, without mom, without mom fretting, without mom pushing her. She figured out. I am so proud of her! In talking with her during dinner, she had a great day, it was just going through rules and expectations in each class. No homework yet but we have started the new schedule at home. And here it is after 7pm and she is doing great. I know there will be those days when things aren't going so smoothly and I am expecting that but at least she is spite of her nervous mom! :)

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