Monday, April 14, 2008


First off, for those of you who are reading this blog, sometimes my usage of the english language isn't the greatest so I apologize ahead of time. I will try to slow down my thoughts and make sure it sounds good. :)

We had a good weekend overall. It was my granddaughter's (Kaitlyn) 4th birthday so we went to the zoo down in Salt Lake. Had a great time but it just wasn't the same without Danielle. I felt someone was missing from our party and it did feel a little odd. We got back into town just in time to have about a 10 minute visit with her.

Sunday I got a call from Danielle, crying, that she was in pain and wanted a blessing. I had arranged for my son in law and my brother in law to meet me there for that blessing. The nurse pulled me over and told me that they were going to draw some blood and check her white blood count, could possibly be an appendititis. Within minutes of us being there, Danielle started to look good and feel better. Blood tests turned out good, nothing showed up. But the doctor decided that they should restrict her junk intact and cut back on her fats. Hopefully this will give her some relieve. Tomorrow she is getting her hair done in corn-rows, she is so excited about that and so am I. I want her feeling good about herself. I will write more tomorrow and include a picture of the new Danielle. Love to all.

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