Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The journey begins!

I think yesterday was probably the hardest day. Mike and I picked up Danielle at 6am to take her to the State Hospital in Provo. Danielle slept most of the way down there, pulled her blankets over her head, her way of getting away from the situation. We first met with the principle of the school on the campus and he had told us that there will be extensive testing for her for her placement in school. Then we met with the pscyhologist, social worker, psychiatrist, and medical doctor. We didn't leave until around 12:30pm. But we got the impression that this is a no nonsense team. We were pretty impressed with what they were thinking and feeling. We could tell immediately that her psychiatrist was already formulating a plan for Danielle. We will know more next week at our first team meeting. The plan so far is to keep her on her meds that she is on right now, get her into school, watch and observe her an then see about making some changes. And she may be there for as long as 7 months we were told. I have to admit, as a mother, that will be hard for me. I felt lonely last night, I got use to seeing her once a day for an hour but now I have to limit my visits to the weekend. I don't know how often she can call or how often I can call, but this will be a growing experience for both of us. It was hard leaving her, she cried, I cried, dad was the strong one for both of us. I talked to her later in the afternoon and she started crying again saying she was scared, I really can't blame her there. I am scared also but I know this is the right thing to do.

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