Thursday, April 10, 2008

Doctor's New Treatment

While Danielle is waiting to be moved down to Provo the doctor has decided to cut back on her medications. Just so she can go down there no so medicated and they can see the real her, so to speak. Last night I got a call from one of the nurses saying he was taking her off her Lithium all together. That is one of her main mood stabilizers and it has helped her in the long run. One of the concerns I had as a mother when told they were going to cut back on her meds was the risk of her becoming suicidal again. But they (counselor, nurses) reassured me that she was in the safest place if that was to happen. Had a really good visit with her last night. I decided that I should bring in things that she and I can do together. So...I took in my computer, made a separate folder in the pictures area, named it "Danielle's Pictures". I had her go through all the photos and decide which ones she wanted so that we could create a scrapbook for her to take with her. One of the fears she has is that we as her family will forget about her. This is one of the ways of reassuring her that we won't. Brenna, KD and Kyla came by for a visit and it is always so fun to see Danielle interact with KD. They get along so well together like two peas in a pod. Always laughing. I hope that will never change for them. But it always brightens up Danielle's day when she gets family visitors. Brenna made a phone call for me in finding someone who is willing to come to where Danielle is and braid her hair. So when I told Danielle that a guy named Kenny is coming next Tuesday to braid her hair, she screamed really loud. It was kind of embarrassing but it was great to see the joy on her face. I'll take a picture when she is done and put it on this blog. Well, love to you all!

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