Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More Decisions

As a parent of a child with mental illness, there are so many decisions to make daily for that child. And there is a constant question in the back of my mind if I am making the best decision possible for her. For instance...do we send her to the State Hospital...do I enroll her in mainstream schooling...is watching this movie good for her? And so the questions keep going on. But like all parents, we make mistakes.

As of today, Danielle is still at the BHI and doing okay. She knows she is going down to the State Hospital and is in denial, does not want to talk about it with me or her dad. First day she was extremly upset but with the help of her counselor she has settled down with the idea. Now it's getting mom settled with it. This faces me with the "empty nest syndrome". I have all this free time after work and don't know what to do with myself. One daughter suggested it's time I got a hobby. I do have a hobby, but had no time to do it. So...I plan on taking a fly tying class and join a woman's fishing club. I have to take care of myself in order to be there for Danielle. I also love to four-wheel, read, cross-stitch and be with my grandchildren. I have three other daughters I need to focus on and mainly focus on myself. As of this morning, I am ready to continue on with my life but be a beacon of light for Danielle in her journey.

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