Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First week down!

The first week is down. Mike and I went down to visit her on Saturday, took one of our favorite games to play and spent a good couple of hours with her before she was to take off for an activity. Last week she seemed to be depressed and sad, I was told it was just the beginning of her getting use to being there. Talked to her on the phone everyday. Yesterday she was so excited because she had graduated to a higher level to where she can go swimming and go off campus with supervision. She was excited about that. She says there is so much drama going on down there, considering she is living with 15 other girls, ages range from 12-17. I guess there could be a lot of drama. She seems to be handling it pretty well accept during our visit she seemed to be taking on some of the other girls characteristics, sassiness mainly. Mike and I have our first staff meeting this Friday with all the doctors and the teachers to find out what their game plan is for her.

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