Wednesday, September 1, 2010

High School Issues - Homecoming Dance we go!  My first hurdle...homecoming dance.  Within the second day of Dani's school year, she was asked out to homecoming by not just one boy but two.  She had to choose but she also needed to know my rules which are:  1)  No dating until 16 years of age (which she is 15 1/2) 2)  She will go in a group and 3)  I am the chaperon. She didn't like that but you know what?  Oh well, like isn't fair, if it was we'd all be faeries. It took her along time to get use to the idea especially with me going along but she saw the wisdom in it.  It was accepting it or the alternative...not going!


GB's Mom said...

All a matter of perspective :)

Raelyn N. Heslop said...

When is homecoming? If it's after I'm there don't go dress shopping until I'm there!!