Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Taking a Time Out for Mom!

I apologize that I haven't posted anything lately.  I have had to make a very hard decision because my life as I know it is falling apart.  We as parents get so wrapped up in our kids world, their sports, their music...their disabilities that we loose site of who we are as an individual.  Some parents can master this skill with no problem, to be able to juggle everything on one plate and some parents can't.  Some parents don't have the back up support at home to be able to handle all those plates that need to be juggled...I am one of those parents.  I have come to the point to where I am burned-out to the point where I wish I could just run away...not forever but for a few days, just by myself, without the worries of work, of Danielle's doctor appointments, counseling appointments any other appointments she may have.  I am one of those parents who does not have the back-up support.  I have a husband who is on the road more times than not (not his fault, just the nature of the beast), I have a daughter who has helped me so many times but I can't keep asking because she has a family of her own, there are virtually no programs here in Northern Utah that can help take care of a teen with these decision?  I am taking a break in my posting and I have to figure out how to find me again, me...the person who had joy in her life at one time and it was the simple pleasures in life that made me smile.

So, please forgive me while I take this much needed break...I hope you are all here when I come back and I hope and pray that I have your support.

God love you all!  Diane

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