Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Day of Happiness...short lived!

Believe it or not, this stream was within a campground called "Christmas Meadows".  Really pretty, good ATV trails.

Mirror Lake, Utah (Can we say...Beautiful?)
Our Danielle enjoying the cold, and I mean cold, it was 48 degrees while we were there.  Brrrrrr!
Me and my trucker honey...Mike.  This was a much needed day away. I mainly wanted a day away by ourselves but the more I thought about it Dani has been without dad just as long as I have.  But now, hind-site I wish it was the two of us because today...cranky, cranky, cranky!  It feels like we will never get that time alone because we both suffer from the "No Dad Syndrome".  It was a good day though! 

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