Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dani's First Day of School!

Here is Danielle on her first day of high school.  High school...I can't believe we have gotten this far when statistics clearly say that most kids with FASD don't make it through to their high school years.  Boy are we as parents proving those statistic taking people wrong!  I love it!

She was so excited.  She has great classes, great teachers and a great group of friends who look out for her during the day.  I worried for nothing.  But the stress is starting to wear on her.  She is home sick today from church due to a cold, this tells me that she isn't sleeping like she should, that there is too much excitement or stress or something going on.  On her second day of school, she was asked out by two boys to the homecoming dance.  Our rules?  She can go provided it's with a big group and I am a chaperon.   Such a mean mom aren't I, but our rules are no dating until we are 16 and then it's in groups until 17.  It worked with her sisters and I won't bend the rules, especially with her.

Her summer was extremely hard because there is no place for a kid like her to go to be looked after so I had to put a lot of restrictions on her but in doing that, she would sneak around and then I would find out after it happened and then the discipline and restrictions and taking away of privileges.   I hated it, next summer will be different.  I am looking into some summer camps she can be a resident counselor and be involved with other kids like her.  How was everyone's summer?  Challenges like mine?  Well, let's thank God for school!

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