Saturday, August 7, 2010

Let's Build Something Together!

I am sitting here in my easy chair, with my husband on the coach and Danielle in the shower and I just watched the commercial for Lowe's and their slogan "Let's build something together" struck me really hard.  I know they were talking about building something literally but like I always do I took it a step further like building relationships, or building experiences or building blocks to get ready to go back to school.  Danielle just got back from an over night hike with her church leaders and a few other girls her age.  They hiked in three miles, camped and hike back out using those big back packs. She had to carry her sleeping bag, her clothes and packed in her own water.  I wasn't worried, I knew she would do good because of how she took the bull by the horns and packed her own backpack.  Last night while Mike and I were having dinner a monstrous thunder and lightening storm  came through and went right over the mountains the girls were at.  Anyway, long story short, this morning Mike was pretty concerned that Danielle would come home traumatized because of the storm.  I just looked at him and gave a little snicker.  He said "I am not giving her much credit am I?"  I said "No, your not.  She's come along way baby!".  Just like I thought, when she got home she was great, said she had a fantastic time and no, she was not traumatized.

So, to make my point, we build something together...confidence in our daughter!