Tuesday, August 3, 2010

If It's Not One Thing...It's Another...I Think!

Well...I think we are heading into a direction mom may not be ready for and I believe this direction has got me a little nervous.  You all know that Dani has found her natural brother and he has been adopted by a wonderful family and I see nothing but great things for him...but Dani has been showing some anger lately to the point to where she told me last night to leave or she would hurt me.  Come to find out she is angry because she is up here in Utah and her brother is down in Texas.  I can't say that I blame her because I don't but there isn't anything that can be done in this situation accept keep talking on the phone, plan for visits, etc.  I am proud of Dani though, after her little outburst last night, she came to me and said she was in trouble and needed to talk to her counselor.  We were lucky to get in to see her this afternoon and of course Dani knows what the reality is and she was given some new tools to help her through this.

I know what I am going through with my daughter doesn't compare to what you other parents go through with your kids but believe me, we have been there, we have walked in your shoes it's just that the trials are different as the kids age, there are hormone changes, meds need to be adjusted, just a whole lot of changes.  So please understand, we've been there and you will get there too.  Not everyday is perfect in our household and it never will it's just finding creative ways of handling each and every day!

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Rose Adoption Journey said...

Hang in there..that is GREAT progress for her to acknowledge she needs help!