Friday, June 11, 2010

WOW! What's That Smell?

After a long day at work, and I mean long, on the way home I kept going over in my mind what was in my freezer to make for dinner.  There was the usual phone calls from Dani asking when I would be home and I gave the usual answer..."You'll see me when you see me".  But when I walked into the house and deposited my shoes and belongings, Dani had me sit down on the couch, she gave me the Wii remote and said "Relax mom, I'm cooking dinner".  My first thought was "oh, oh...what did she do now?" But I was wrong...she had a wonderful conversation with her brother Aaron during the day and feeling pretty good about herself.  And I have to admit...dinner was VERY GOOD!  She made her own rendition of Chicken Alfredo.

There has been a big change in Dani ever since her relationship with her dad has improved and then this new fresh relationship with her brother.  That big hole that was festering in her soul is healing.  But we are still taking things one day at a time because this could be the "high" before the "low".  Everything happens in cycles with these FASD kids, at least in the older group I've found.

Tomorrow we are spending sometime in the afternoon with my granddaughters (Dani's nieces) at "The Tree House" in Ogden.  It's like a children's museum...but better.  This is where Dani can let her teenage years melt away and be the kid that she tries so hard to contain.  Makes me sad to see that because society dictates how a person should act, even with disabilities.  So I am looking forward to letter her hair down, literally!

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