Monday, June 14, 2010

I Knew It...I Knew It...I KNEW IT!

Well, I knew it, like I mentioned before, just when things are going good, and I mean real good, I kicked right in the gut.  And maybe I am taking this too hard because I knew it would happen but it doesn't make it any easier.

Over the weekend I went to Costco and bought two tubs of the most delicious pasta salad.  It's one of Dani's favorite snack foods...anyway, she gobbled the first container and I told her she wasn't to have any of the second one, leaving it for dad and I.  Today being Monday, the funds are pretty limited right now and Dani had made a list of things she needed for her upcoming trip to California and we needed some groceries.  I gave her a choice, food or her stuff, she choose stuff. So we are on our way home from the craft store and she asks what is for dinner, I said "what a minute, you had your choice, food or stuff and you choose stuff".  She said "oh, that's right".  I said "besides there is chicken and pasta still at home...there still is pasta right?" She said "well dad had some this morning and he said the noodles were brown and for me to throw it away."  I called dad and he said he didn't even have any but noticed that Dani was snacking on it last night...after I went to bed.  So, when we pulled into the driveway I checked the garbage and sure enough, the container was there and just a little was left in the container, the noodles looked great.  I had just spent close to $50.00 on her to get her on her trip and she lied to me.  Now I understand that lying is a part of the FASD world, but come on...I was sooo looking forward to having some pasta and chicken.  Talk about feeling like a "SUCKER"!  So right now, I am not even talking to her, I don't know what to say!  I knew what reality dictates but it doesn't take away the feelings a parent has when the other shoe drops.  So can I just say "I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE PLANE TO LEAVE FRIDAY MORNING" And it will be five wonderful days with just my husband.

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