Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sad Day...Happy Day...

Ever since our first contact with Danielle's brother, Aaron, I have been communicating a lot with his case worker in Texas with the high hopes of somehow, someway, Aaron could come home to us.  Especially since Aaron should have never gone down to his Great-Grandma's in the first place...that in itself is along sad story.  But to make a long story short, in talking to his case worker yesterday (which she has received a promotion, way to go Heather) and is moving on, she had to refer me to her supervisor, which of course I wrote the same familiar email as I did for Heather in the beginning but tweeked it a little since Dani and I have been talking to Aaron.  But I was told that the placement that has started needs to continue, this family has come in and choosen Aaron and they are excited.  And Aaron needs to go to that family, even though there are family ties with us, mainly his little sister.  My heart and soul is crying, not only for the loss of my little boy 10-11 years ago, but the loss again today.  Which is ok!  I told her that I would not get in the way of the placement and pray that things will work out but if somewhere down the road it doesn't to place call me.  She said she would.  So now it is our job to encourage Aaron to get to know his new family and get involved and that Dani isn't going anywhere...then why do I feel like crap?  I guess I will just have to practice what I preach..."FAKE IT TILL I MAKE IT!".  And if Aaron's new parents ever read all have my support and prayers.

The communication between Aaron and Dani has been so wonderful!  Seldom does he ask for me but once and that was to cry a little on my shoulder that some kids were teaching him...calling him "slow".  Luckily I knew how to handle that because of the challenges I have with Danielle.  But the main point is that Danielle has blossomed and she feels like that hole in her soul is filled.  How wonderful is that?  And I am sure Aaron feels the same way.

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GB's Mom said...

God is Good! I am glad Dani is more at peace.