Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Appointment Day and Random Thoughts!

Today was our follow up doctor appointment with Dani's psychiatrist.  I think this was one of her best visits.  Her meds are doing good, Dani is a regular sassy teenager!  Just time to do some blood work, which she loves!  Especially since we make it a tradition to go to Einstein Bagels after for breakfast.  But the best thing was Dani sharing her conversation she had with her brother.  Dani's doctor is the one who diagnosed Aaron in the first place all those years ago as being BiPolar and she just couldn't get over the picture I showed her.  How handsome he is and how much they look alike.  I still can't get over it myself.

But with the connection between brother and sister, there was so much healing for Dani and I am sure there was for Aaron, the missing puzzle piece has been found.  Dani feels so much more at peace with herself.  I know that feeling all to well, I was adopted when I was a couple of months old myself, I know that feeling all to well of not belonging.  I am one of those kids that found my natural mother when I turned 18.  And the peace I felt then is what I am sure what Dani is feeling today and along with Aaron.  In talking to his case worker, she said he was esctatic and feeling better about things.

So, where do we go from here?  Not sure...hopefully we will meet up, secretly I am hoping his new adoption doesn't go through, I would love to have him come home...but it's in the Lord's hands now!

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GB's Mom said...

I am praying with you. {{{Hugs}}}