Thursday, February 4, 2010

Does this look familiar?

This was taken this morning before I left for work.  This is Danielle's room.  It was clean yesterday.  One of her major chorse to do after school is to clean up her room.  It was done, I saw it with my very own eyes, and this morning at 7am it was back to this. Does anyone else experience this?   If you do, how do you handle it?


GB's Mom said...

I went through this for years. I tried to help MK organize her room, bought all sorts of shelves, bis and racks. It looked really good when we were done. It lasted less than three days. After multiple attempts to help her maintain it I gave up. I made a rule that her door had to be closed and nobody but her could go in it. After a long time, years, she got tired of being unable to find her stuff, especially without help (as nobody else went in there), and tired of living in a mess. She cleaned it up herself, asked for help reorganizing it,( she can't organize anything) and kept it up pretty well. 3 or 4 times a year, she still asks for help organizing things, but it is much, much better.

Who knows, Danielle may be ready now!

First Lee said...

I was going to say the same thing as GB's Mom. If the room has a tornado overnight every night, then don't clean it every afternoon.

FAScinated said...

My daughter's room is especially bad when she's not able to sleep. She stays in her room but she's creating disaster and chaos all night. Then she's overwhelmed and unable to pick ANYTHING up without me right there with her for every step. It's exhausting but GB's comment gave me hope!

Anonymous said...

My sons room looks like that all the time. Worse actually. He tears Kleenex up into a billion little pieces and spreads it all over. Then with a completely innocent expression he says he had to blow his nose. I make him clean it once a week but, it barely gets picked up and takes the entire night of coaxing, threatening and helping to get it done. I just found your blog and am finding it a lifeline. I have to figure out how to have a private identity separate from my other "positive and happy blog," which doesn't involve my sons mental illness. I think it would also be a lifeline for some people. Thank you for going to all the trouble to write when I personally know how much time is taken up in your life just dealing with it on a day to day basis.