Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside...And Inside!

I have found it pretty interesting when my daughter is home, by herself during some kind of school vacation.  Of course this week finds our out due to Christmas and New Year's.  But I have noticed with a child/teen with FASD, that little matters turn into extreme volcanic eruptions and the situation has to be resolved NOW!  But since I am at work down in Salt Lake and she is 40 miles north of where I am...getting it down NOW is an impossibility!  She calls me all frantic saying that there is no hot or warm water coming from our facets...anywhere in the house!  She has tried getting a hold of our landlord and he's not home, in fact she has walked over there a few times.  I told her that the pipes are probably frozen and things will be fine.  But from her stand point, things aren't and won't be fine until the problem is resolved.  So I have reassured her that I will get it taken care of when I get home.  I just feel real bad when she gets that anxious and I'm not home...

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