Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And The Beat Goes On...

We've made it through the Christmas holidays in one piece?  Normally, and it did show this year, all the stress, activity, large family gatherings sets Danielle off.  She can't handle too much stimulis but for some unforseen reason, this year she did great.  There were a few episodes to where we were with family members and she had to talk louder and at the same time, this has been one of her coping mechanisms, that's when mom and/or dad, whoever she is with, kind of gently pulls her close and lets her know she is okay.  Christmas is always a fun time because of the little child she is within.  She may be a 15 year old but her mentality is around 10 years of age.  She still has the child-like innocence about her.  I made the mistake of giving her free reign of my glue gun.  She made everyone's gifts this year.  I will take a picture of mine when I get home and post it.  At least I know from family members that her gifts are always appreciated.  This year all she really wanted was music, music, music and then maybe a DVD.  Her room is always filled with some kind of sound coming out, but of course I have my rules of what is allowed and what isn't.  She is pretty respectful in that area.  Now I have to contend with the make-up issues.  I am blessed to have a Mary-Kay lady as my oldest daughter and she has sat down many times with Danielle about how to apply and color coordinate.  But Dani likes to take her tips from girls at school and she comes home with this heavy eye liner on.  OMGosh!  How do you get it through to an FASD teen that this is not right?  Persistence I think is the answer and lots of eye make-up remover.  But that is what I mean...and the beat goes on!

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