Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One Word..."GPS"

I just discovered the neatest toy or should I say invention?  I have been having some trust issues with my daughter about her being where she is suppose to be.  Usually it's not where she is suppose to be or where she has told mom or dad.  I struggled for along time of what to do.  I looked into baby monitors but the mile radius is not far and I needed something since I work abougt 40 miles away from home.  Then I asked my employer about me hooking up Skype so that at least I can see and hear her check in with me when she gets home.  They said no.  Then I talked with one of her teachers and she recommended GPS.  I thought, well I have to buy a gadget and she said "No, it's built into your phone".  So I called AT&T and low and behold, she was right.  All they had to do was flip a switch in all of our phones, go on AT&T Family Map, sign up our phone numbers and I can track her phone anytime.  Wow!  The best thing since sliced bread.  I even put it to the test today.  She called me after school saying she was going to be late because she had to go to the bathroom.  I immediately went on FamilyMap and found she was going the opposite direction of our home, the other side of school.  Boy did I feel empowered and I still do.  I confronted her on it when I got home and of course...she denied it, but I have technology on my side.  I even showed her the map that I printed out and she still denied it.  I know that the denying part is all part of the FASD, it's not her reality but at least I have some kind of comfort of mind to know where she is and that I have the ability to talk to her on the phone whenever I can.  I will keep these maps that I print out and someday it will come to a head, I know that, but at least I will be ready.  I was sitting here before typing this blog entry, thinking of the sweet little girl she use to be when she was small, before all the FASD affects started to rear it's ugly head and I started to get really MAD at her birth mom for doing all those things while she was pregnant with this sweet spirit.  The one person who was suppose to protect this child...didn't.  I became real sad but then within a brief moment, real glad I have her instead of where she could be today.

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