Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ignorant People...Sad When it's Family Members!

Do you ever have those times were you are in a crowd of people and you hear ignorant statements about the mentally ill?  Do you ever want to just slap them?  I hear those statements all the time...of course they say they are just joking.  But when it comes from a family member, that is when my red-headedness comes out.  I have a step-son, who is very educated, due to graduate from college this coming April (congrats to you) that we are friends on FaceBook.  I can understand the frustration sometimes of life, especially when it comes to a class that may be a little bit harder than what he or she  can comprehend.  But this one day he made a comment of  "HATES MATH!!!! If math was a home less 8 year old with special needs, I would still punch him in the face.".  My reply to him was "That's really funny since you have a sister that has special needs..."  It's remarks like this and any reference to the special needs/disabilities/disabled that get my feathers ruffled.  These people have no idea how lucky and blessed they are to not be labled as "special needs".  They have no idea...

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