Saturday, November 20, 2010

Whew...Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

I have always enjoyed that song because it is so real.  Where has all the time gone?  I look at the date of my last post and I am ashamed to say I have been neglectful. So let me see if I can catch up on things.

So far Danielle has been doing great.  She has begun to look outside herself, in that I mean she helps our landlord go grocery shopping because he is up in his 80's and she makes sure he is okay.  It's been a treat to see her helping in that capacity.  She has just blossomed with her artwork, I will have to post a few of her new drawings.  Her medications seem to be pretty stable right now.  But the thing we are dealing with is her being bullied by the same girl she has had problems with through out the years.  I just had enough last night to where I emailed her teacher telling him something has to be done or I will press charges against this girl.  The school system seems to protect bullies and not the kids who are being bullied.  I don't understand it.

But now our family faces a different challenge.  My husband is going in for Lap-band surgery December 9th and our family is going to go through a huge change and Danielle will be involved in our changes.  If anyone wants to keep up with us I have a new blog called

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