Thursday, October 7, 2010

If Life Was a Little Simplier...

I had Danielle clean out her own room and she did a wonderful job, there are no big piles of...stuff!  I've noticed over the last few days since her room was cleaned out that she is more mellow, easier to get along with, occupies her time working on her poems/ for her has slowed down and it has slowed down for me too.  Just the past couple of nights I've come home in a better mood.  I guess I need to put some of the problems Dani was going through on me because I would come home so exhausted that I would plop down on the couch with the remote control and I would put myself into a self-induced coma.  It was pretty bad...but's very pleasant.  But I do believe this is the "honeymoon" period of her confinement.  She'll start to rebel here pretty soon, I'm just waiting for it.

I have also come to the conclusion to have her do some community service, as I described in my previous post, I think I did.  I've had several good suggestions from friends and the one that really sticks out is volunteering at our food bank or doing something with the United Way.  My husband has even said that if he is home when we do the volunteering he would join us.  So this could become a family thing, sometimes it's very good to step out of our own self's, out of our problems and help others.

This picture is of me, Danielle and my husband Mike on one of our ATV rides a couple of weekend's ago.  Just when the leaves were starting to change.  We have some of the most beautiful trails here in Utah and the colors and spectacular.

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