Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Time to Catch-Up!

Whew!!!!  What a whirl-wind of activities, doctor's appointments, drama with Danielle, a wonderful visit from my daughter in California.  Finished another six week course of "From Hope to Recovery" that I co-teach, each time I am finished with the class, I learn something more and I meet the most amazing people.  Parents like all of us who have children with similar to different disabilities.  So many parents who are out there crying out for help and mainly for information, especially when these kids turn 15 and time is a ticking away to get them ready for the big 18.  Where are the resources, who do they call, what steps are there to take.  I did what I could do, give what information I have and I am still trying to get things together.

Now I have another situation, dealing with Dani's school.  I have never been so livid in my life!!!! Dani has a cell phone that has a GPS on it so I can keep track of her as she walks home (I'm at work during this time). She took it out of her back-pac and the teacher thought she was texting, which she wasn't because she doesn't have that capability on her phone. To make a long story short, they would not give it back to her, even after I emailed her resource teachers, talked with the vice principle, etc. Their policy is a parent needs to come to school to pick it up. So I told them someone better be there when I get there after 5pm. I raised holy "hell".  I emailed a long letter to the principle, vice principle and all her teachers that because of one teachers poor judgement they were putting my daughter in harms way, especially a daughter who does not have good judgement and who is impulsive.  Then I get a call from the principle himself.  He was standing by their policy and not going to budge and I said "what is to protect my daughter as she walks home today? If something happens to her I am personally holding the school accountable". Another long story short, the school police officer took her home and I had to come after work to get her phone.  I was ready to go to the school district...and I still might.

The picture above are my daughters and my granddaughters in Salt Lake.  From left to right, Granddaughter Kaitlyn, my oldest daughter Brenna, granddaughter Kyla, Dani and my other daughter Ashley.  My newest granddaughter was in the stroller next to me. 


GB's Mom said...

Sometimes, administrators have marshmallows for brains. Beautiful grandkids!

Miz Kizzle said...

Your DD needs that cell phone in order to be safe. If necessary, you can ask a lawyer to write a letter to the school board stating that.
As an attorney, I know that "lawyer letters" have an impact on block-headed school administrators where a parent's pleas do not.
I'm shocked that the administrators at your DD's school are being so uncaring and stubborn. As you explained it, then rule is intended to prevent students from texting while in school. You DD's phone doesn't have the ability to send text messages, so what's the problem?
I doubt a lawyer would charge you much (if anything) for writing the letter.