Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tests are In!

So far it has been a little over two months since Danielle went down to the State Hospital. A lot of testing has been done, school, mentally, neruologically. I guess they are narrowing down her diagnosis. They do know for sure that she is FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrom) they took away the diagnosis of separation anxiety, her meds have been cut down from 5 different ones to basically two now. She is responding pretty good, her moods are great but she is still hearing the voices and hallucinating. I received her update report in the mail yesterday and it said that we should be seeing her come home probably around Christmas. That will be a wonderful gift! She has't acted out in violence like she has in the past, in fact she has been calm and in control. Danielle has had issues about keeping her room clean and the outside living area. She has to be reminded to do her hygeine, etc. This past week she has been sick. Strep Throat and a bad cold. In talking with her last night she hardly had a voice, poor thing. She seems to be handling it for the most part, there are times she calls crying that she doesn't like her therapist, it's hard to talk to him and wants a woman, this is where I have to be strong and tell her she has to handle her situation. I definately see her ups and downs in our conversations, one day she is so bubbly and cheerful, the next conversation she is in tears or really depressed. The only test we are waiting for now is her neruological testing. Hopefully by the next meeting I will know something more. They told me it would be a long process...they were right!

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